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    Entrepreneur at Heart

    Gunung Sewu incubates businesses starting from ideas which through nurturing and hard work become sustainable businesses.

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    Our Employees

    Gunung Sewu employs approximately 25,000 people. We empower our people, challenge them to grow every day and encourage continuous learning.

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    Diversified Group

    A group focused on diverse sectors of agribusiness, insurance, property, and consumers.

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    Enduring Values Drive Sustainable Success

    The core values on which Gunung Sewu was founded – integrity, respect, fairness and humility – have endured and remained the heart and soul of the organization.

Values heritage, forward in its outlook

Gunung Sewu is an Indonesia-based Group that operates diversified businesses in insurance, food, real estate, consumer and resources (mining), with a workforce of approximately 30,000. Gunung Sewu was established in 1953. 

Entrepreneurial at heart, we empower our people to take calculated risks. We incubate new businesses, while we expand our existing ones. 

Enduring values such as integrity and fairness guide our business conduct with our partners and stakeholders. 


Did you know?

Gunung Sewu was founded in 1953

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