Re.juve Opens Three Stores in Bali

Re.juve, the leader and pioneer of ultra-premium juice in Indonesia, officially open its stores in the Island of Gods, Bali. The first two stores are located at Seminyak Street and Level 21 Mall, while the last store is at the Water Fountain Beachwalk Shopping Center.

“Choosing Bali as Re.juve further expansion area is because we want to reach more people – to help them #LiveHappier, and people in Bali already have bigger concern about healthy lifestyle and many of them are also advanced juice drinkers” said Richard Anthony, CEO and President Director of Re.juve.

“We hope Re.juve can be a destination for local people and tourists when they are looking for healthy, delicious, honest and transparent products” Richard continued.

Re.juve is committed to always be honest and transparent in every ingredients used, stating it fairly in each bottle  #CleanLabel. Not only producing high quality products, but Re.juve also care for the environment. In collaboration with Waste Bank and Ideas Lab, Re.juve encourages the customers to bring back their empty bottle to all of Re.juve stores where all the used bottles will be recycled into various items. A #GOODforEarth campaign that is 100% #GOODforYou.