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    GGP exports 11,000 containers of canned pineapples annually.

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    Our Capacity

    GGP produces more than 500,000 tons of Cayenne pineapples annually.

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    Global Player

    Every sixth canned pineapple in the world comes from GGP.

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    Community Development

    In "Sekolah Binaan" progam, GGP provides financial assistance to three schools, enabling access to better education for 5,500 children annually.

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    World's Largest Integrated Facility

    GGP is the world's largest integrated pineapple plantation and processing facility. The facility includes five major plants: cannery, can making, labeling, juice and drum making.

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    People Development

    The training center at the Lampung plantation illustrates GGP's commitment to developing its people.

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Great Giant Pineapple (GGP)

GGP was established in 1979. It now operates the largest integrated canned pineapple facility in the world, with its plantation and factory (including drum and can production) in one location. This integration gives GGP an edge in quality control and traceability of products, as well environmental sustainability through synergy in waste management. 

GGP's land covers 30,000 hectares in Lampung, of which 19,000 is dedicated for growing Cayenne pineapples. Annually, GGP processes more than 500,000 tons of pineapples and exports 11,000 containers of canned pineaples to more than 60 countries.

Great Giant Pineapple (GGP)

Chase Plaza Podium 5th Floor, Jl Jend Sudirman Kav 21
Jakarta 12920, Indonesia
P. (+62-21) 570 6438, (+62-21) 520 8338

Did you know?

Gunung Sewu is working with renowned architecture firm KPF to design its future HQ

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