Making food great for the world's growing population Gunung Sewu’s agriculture and farming commodities subsidiary Great Giant Foods (GGF) is one of Indonesia’s largest and leading food and agribusiness companies. It supplies and distributes a range of products, encompassing fresh and canned fruits, through to livestock products, to distributors around the world with its affiliates, partners, and representative offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States.
GGF is among the world’s top three pineapple producers, processors and providers. It is the largest grower of Cavendish Bananas in Indonesia, and operates the third-largest cattle feedlot in Indonesia. Its plantation and integrated processing facilities are on a 30,000-hectare site in Lampung, Sumatra. It is located 250 kilometers northwest of Jakarta, and is global-certified to meet domestic and international food processing and safety standards.
GGF is recognised for its high standards and modern approach to agriculture and farming practices that follow and encourage the use of technology and innovation to increase the availability of food, while reducing environmental effects caused by agriculture. The company takes waste reduction and sustainability to an elevated level, and has been globally recognized for its efforts in these areas.

Our Companies


Great Giant Pineapple (GGP)

3rd largest producer of canned pineapple products and pineapple juice concentrate in the world.

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Great Giant Livestock (GGL)

The third largest cattle feedlot in Indonesia.

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Sewu Segar Nusantara (SSN)

A leading fresh fruit company which serves consumers across Indonesia.

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Yupi Indo Jelly Gum

The largest gummy (soft candy) manufacturer in ASEAN.

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Umas Jaya Agrotama (UJA)

Supplies high quality tapioca starch to the food and beverage, and pulp and paper industries.

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Sreeya Sewu Indonesia

Sreeya Sewu Indonesia (Previously Sierad Produce) is an integrated poultry-based food company in Indonesia.

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Bromelain Enzyme (BE)

A manufacturer of refined bromelain products from pineapple stems.

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A pioneer of premium juicery in Indonesia, serving delicious and healthy cold-press juices and nourishing smoothies.

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