Nurturing emerging industries

We recognise the need to continue investing in order to ensure our sustainable growth. To this end, Gunung Sewu has interests in a range of businesses in a variety of sectors we believe have growth potential in Indonesia, and which complement our main operations. Gunung Sewu wants ensure the company is able to support and grow together with these sectors of the economy.
We want to build great companies, and use these businesses as test beds as we anticipate future growth, and to nurture innovative solutions and bring the next big investment idea to life.
Our interests include Indonesia’s coal mining sector, which has been growing steadily, with increasing domestic consumption year on year. Similarly, IT services is an industry primed for growth, given the explosive growth in digital business opportunities.

Retail and food is another area that is being given a boost by the country’s burgeoning middle class, which has more disposable income and demands higher quality goods. Finally, radio and digital media are areas that are ripe for transformation, and we believe content can be delivered in new and engaging ways.


Powering Development

The value of Indonesia's energy market could reach USD 210 billion by 2030.

Our Companies


Baramutiara Prima (BMP)

70 million tons of mineable reserves of low-rank goal with production scheduled to start in 2014.

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Pratesis, established in 1987 is the leading IT solution provider of Application Systems (SCYLLA®), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence (BI), Sales Force Automation (SFA), for Retail, Sales and Distribution industry.

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Media Lintas Inti Nusantara (MLIN)

Media Lintas Inti Nusantara (MLIN) is a media content company which provides quality programs and content portfolio for radio, ranging from news, entertainment, music, lifestyle, to sports.

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