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Indonesia's resilient property market is seeing increasing demand for quality properties across many spectrums due to a growing young population, an expanding middle class and conducive to modern urbanization initiatives. Even with the latest modest economic slowdown during that latter part of 2013, the residential and retail markets have maintained their positive upward trend and momentum.
With limited available lands in prime areas, demand beyond Jakarta’s geographical periphery is expected to remain strong in line with the development of new economic centers in suburban areas. Grade-A offices have higher occupancy rates and have already seen substantial increases in rental rates in recent years.
However, Indonesia is facing a high-end supply shortage. Gunung Sewu, with a strong track record in developing and managing high-quality, long-life residential, office, hospitality and retail properties, fills this niche by supporting the property market with distinctive developments that can and will meet Indonesia’s long-term requirements.
There has been a growing appreciation for distinctive and sustainable design in Indonesia across the office, residential and retail sectors. Our committed approach to sustainable building and construction incorporates technological advances and green building techniques to ensure a sustainable future for Indonesia.


Distinct Design

There's a growing appreciation for distinctive design in Indonesia across the office, residential and retail sectors.



Indonesia’s strong domestic consumption, fueled by a growing middle class, will continue to drive foreign and domestic retailers to actively expand in order to capture share of the growing market.



The residential market is expected to maintain its positive momentum as demand continues to grow due to a rising young population, an expanding middle class and supporting urbanization initiatives.

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