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Competing Globally

Complying with competition laws
GS Group competes to best serve the customers’ needs and enhance shareholder value. In doing so, GS Group is subject to antitrust laws and regulations. In general, the laws and regulations prohibit agreements or actions that unreasonably restrain trade or reduce/hinder competition.

What does it mean for me?



  • Comply with all applicable antitrust laws and regulations.
  • Review and understand GS Group and business-specific policies and procedures.
  • Consult with the company’s chief compliance officer to help reduce the risks of non-compliance or the company raising competition law issues.
  • Make contact of any kind with competitors, as it could give the appearance of an improper agreement or understanding.
  • Propose or enter into agreements on behalf of GS Group with any competitor regarding prices, bids, territories, terms of sales, production/sales capacity, cost and profit margins, market share, product or service offering, customer/supplier classification or distribution methods.
  • Propose or enter into agreements with anyone regarding a bid submission for no other purpose than to win the business.
  • Propose or enter into agreements with customers and/or suppliers that restrict the price or other terms at which the customer may resell or lease the product/service to a third party.