Why Join Us?

#1 Aggressive business growth

As a group, Gunung Sewu aims to expand along with Indonesia’s GDP growth. To achieve this target, Gunung Sewu does not only depend on existing businesses, but through the incubation of bold new ventures. Talents with adrenaline drive are constantly needed to fuel the growth. 

#2 Entrepreneurial environment

We always keep an eye on synergistic opportunities. In capturing the increasing domestic consumer demand, Gunung Sewu takes aggressive efforts to expand organically and inorganically.  

#3 Cross-industry, diversified exposure 

Gunung Sewu has footholds in various industries with immense potentials: agriculture, insurance, property and consumer goods. Employees get to meet people from other industries and learn from them.  In doing so, employees are constantly urged to identify and pursue cross-business/industry opportunities. 

#4 Empowerment & a focus on development

We challenge employees to set stretch targets rather than incremental. We are not afraid of trying new things and expect employees to push beyond their boundaries, continuously expand their roles and challenge the status quo. We invest in employees’ growth and believe in aligning passion and work. In doing so, we urge employees to proactively define their aspirations.

#5 Impact for society

As our businesses grow, so does Indonesia. We create high-value jobs and invest in the professional development of our people. In doing so, we help open new opportunities for the prosperity of our people. We are a leader in agricultural sustainable practices and actively take part in social development programs