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Established in May 2014, Re.juve is the first F&B retail business of Gunung Sewu Group.  

Re.juve is the leader and pioneer of ultra-premium Cold-Pressed juice in Indonesia. While Re.juve soul has and always been Cold-Pressed Juices, its aim is for a much bigger mission, which is to help people improve their quality of life, a happier life, through abundant and wealth of nutrients that they can surely enjoy from its delicious, healthy and honest Food and Beverage selections.
Re.juve produces their Cold-Pressed juices, almond milk and other ready to drink products daily with a very strict hygiene standard in their HACCP Certified True Cold-Pressed Production Facility integrated with High Pressure Technology (HPP), which is the 1st integrated facility in Indonesia and ASEAN.

As Re.juve believes in full honesty and transparency, all ingredients used in all their products are always listed clearly on the label (What You See is What You Get #CleanLabel).
As promised, Re.juve is always committed to provide only the best products that are #GoodForYou. With the use of 100% organic vegetables, Re.juve is not only upgrading their ingredients and product quality but this is also very in line with Re.juve’s commitment to also always do #GoodForEarth.

Sequis Center 7th Floor Jalan Jend Sudirman No 71
Jakarta 12920, Indonesia
P. (+62-21) 252 2877

Our Concept

Weekday Getaway Concept. Rich in color, material, and texture give customers and afternoon escape from their daily routine. Like a balance of flavors, the Weekday concept brings together plants, clean timber, and tactile stone into a harmonious composition.


Our Products

All Re.juve juices are guaranteed 100% Cold-Pressed, 100% Fresh (from fresh fruits and 100% organic vegetables, not from concentrate), 100% Pure (no added water, sugar & no preservatives) and 100% Natural (raw, no heat, not pasteurized). Other products category: Cold-Pressed Nut Milk, Smoothies, Cold-Pressed Elixirs, Cold-Pressed Coffee and Indonesian Heritage.