Living Our Vision, Living Our Values, Living Sustainably

We believe in living this vision and values in everything that we do. They are at the very core of what drives our sustainability initiatives forward. These values guide the commitment of our diverse family of businesses to help create a better Indonesia. They reflect our dedication to investment in improving communities, society and Indonesia.
Our commitment to sustainability is demonstrated through various initiatives that are as wide-ranging as our businesses. Our business are run independently, as are our initiatives. The work that each of our businesses focuses on reflects their own unique spirit, creativity, entrepreneurship and heritage in the areas in which they operate. What binds them together is the benefits they bring to society and to Indonesia.

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Visit our latest sustainability video Meaningful Progress to learn about our initiatives which driven by our young and passionate employees.


Gunung Sewu’s vision is to strengthen and incubate sustainable businesses that empower our employees and benefit society. As Gunung Sewu continues to grow and evolve as a business, we aim to stay true to this vision and the core values that our organization was founded on—integrity, fairness and humility.


Zero Waste

Waste is not a burden but has value. Its treatment is not only beautifully embedded into the business, but is an integral component of synergies across other businesses.

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Farmer Empowerment

The creation of mutually beneficial business partnerships with local small holder farmers has created employment in the region and increased farmers’ incomes.

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1,000 LEGS: From Disable To Able

1,000 lives are transformed each year through receiving the legs to reclaim their independence, walk confidently through life and take ownership of their futures.

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Home For A Home

An initiative that took off with a strong start and going forward can make a significant positive impact to help address Indonesia’s housing challenge.

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